SharePoint EasyNav

SharePoint EasyNav - Get ready to navigate through SharePoint like never before.

EasyNav is a smart navigation menu developed using SharePoint hosted app which is useful to quickly and easily navigate through all the sites of a SharePoint site collection without navigating to each site and subsite. Through EasyNav, a user can navigate through sites, subsites, pages, list, libraries, can store the bookmarks or can view the history of navigated links for a week.

SharePoint EasyNav Features
  • Microsoft

    It provides smart hierarchical navigation on every page of the Site. 


    User can quickly view the entire site structure and contents of the site without navigating to the page.


    User will navigate on particular site /list /item /document by clicking on the link.


    It also displays all the list/library items and their views.


    It gives instant links to go to site settings, site content page. 


  • Microsoft

    Admin can give permission to users and those users can see EasyNav menu. 


    User can only view the content on which he/she has minimum view permission.


    Black list: Admin can enter the list of site url which they want to be blocked.


    White list: Admin can enter the list of subsite url which they want to enable in EasyNav from the block site url.

  • Microsoft

    Admin can customize the theme according to the branding of the SharePoint site.


    Loader Style: Select the loader style to be displayed while the menu is loading its content.


    Theme: (Blue, Red, Green, Dark Gray, Light Gray, Custom) Select the theme from one of the available options to give a different look to the menu. Default is Blue.


    Preview of theme: It will display the preview of the menu on the fly, by changing any default theme option or custom theme, before applying that to whole menu.

  • Microsoft

    Mode: (Basic or Advanced) Selecting basic mode will not show the hidden sites under the site collection, Site Settings /List Setting /Library Settings link in the menu on each level, Upload document link in the document library info window, will also not store the history, while selecting Advanced will do.


    Z-Index: Specifies the Z-index to make the menu appear front or back any other element. By default, the value is 1000000.


  • Microsoft

    Alert New! (Enabled or Disabled) Select enabled to show the ‘New!’ icon in front of any new list or library same as an OOTB SharePoint feature, else disabled. Default is enabled.


    Alert New Item! (Enabled or Disabled) Select enabled to show the ‘New Item!’ icon in front of any new document added recently, else disabled. Default is enabled.

  • Microsoft

    History: (Enabled or Disabled) History cannot be enabled in Basic mode. In advanced mode it can be enabled to show the History under the gear icon else select disabled to hide it. Default is disabled in basic mode.


    Keep History (in days): The history will be shown only for the number of days specified here. Default will be last 7 days. Maximum 1-10 days can be selected.

  • Microsoft

    User can bookmark the favorite item and also can view the history.

  • Microsoft
    Quick Search

    Search menu can be enabled or disabled at each level. Default is Enabled.

    It provides Auto suggest filter search. 

Product Specification

System Requirement

SharePoint Online or SharePoint On-Premise 2013/2016


Microsoft Internet Explorer 10 or higher, latest version of Firefox and Chrome

Note: SharePoint EasyNav Add-in will be deployed at Tenant/Web Application Scope. Hence required Tenant URL or Web Application URL for Office 365 and SharePoint On-premise 2013/2016 respectively.