Power BI Consulting Services

To build a robust, intuitive and an interactive Power BI experience, you need a team of highly skilled Power BI consultants.

Your investment with Power BI will payoff only when your employees use this tool for higher productivity.


  • Power BI Report Development
  • Power BI Report Development

  • Power BI Embedded

  • Power BI Report Server

  • Migrate Reports to Power BI

  • Custom Visual Development

  • ETL Tool Development

Power BI Report Development

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Power BI Report Development

Our approach towards developing a Power BI report is centered around its utility and keeping in mind the end user perspective. Thus, the result is stunning and powerful visualization for effective data narratives.

We have worked for clients across verticals such as - Finance, Healthcare, Education, Agriculture, Pharma, F&B, NGOs, Entertainment, Logistics, Manufacturing, Digital Marketing and IOT.

Our team is experienced in handling complex raw data and converting them into meaningful analytical dashboard. We have handled a diverse set of data source within Power BI such as - SQL Server, Analysis Service with Tabular and Multidimensional Models, MySQL, Rest APIs, SharePoint list and libraries, MS Excel, MS Access, Oracle, Flat files like text, csv, xml, JSON and PDFs, Cloud data sources like Azure SQL and Azure SQL Analysis Service, Online Services like Facebook, Google Analytics and OData links.

Our Power BI Experts along with following Microsoft best practises, also make sure they are updated with latest release of this constantly evolving product, thus utilizing latest features and making the best of available tools.

Demo Power BI reports for various verticals following this link.

Power BI Embedded

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Power BI Embedded

Microsoft provides flexibility to embed Power BI report securely within their third-party applications with Power BI Embedded capabilities. Our Power BI experts have integrated Power BI reports securely within third party custom application like Igloo Hub, Custom .Net applications and SaaS applications, as well as CRM and custom-built intranet portals.  

Take a look at our Power BI Embedded Case Study following this link.

Power BI Report Server

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Power BI Report Server

Power BI Report Server is an on-premises report server with a web portal in which we can display and manage reports and KPIs.

Binary Republik has expertise to build a fresh On-Premise Power BI environment for their clients as per Microsoft best practices. Once the environment is set up, we help clients with report development and distribution per the organization rights and permissions.

Our experience for on premise Power BI Report Server also includes reports for paginated reports, mobile reports, and KPIs.

Take a look at our Power BI Report Server Case Study.

Migrate Reports to Power BI

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Migrate Reports to Power BI

Migration is a key concern for the organizations that use some On-Premise environment for the SSRS and would like to migrate their existing SSRS reports to a Power BI Report Server.

We have successfully migrated a lot of SSRS reports to Power BI Report Server. Our methodology begins with performing a Health check and assessment of the existing environment, followed up with remediation of any environment related issue and then finally migration using our proprietary tool for migration.

Our experts closely look at the progress of each report during the migration process and finally perform the verification and deploy the reports to production.

Take a look of our Power BI Report Server Migration Case Study.

Custom Visual Development

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Custom Visual Development

Sometimes, out of the box (OOTB) visualizations are not enough to represent the available data set. Our Power BI Experts develop custom visualization using R scripting and Python scripting to meet such requirement.  Our in-house data scientist understands the business requirements and based on that develops custom visuals. Please look at custom visualizations which we have developed with Node JS, R and Python Scripts.

ETL Tool Development

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ETL Tool Development

Power BI itself is a great tool for ETL, however in some cases, organizations wish to set up a middle layer where they can store the data to develop Power BI report (Ex: Some organizations use Excel files to store data, but they wish to migrate Excel data to SQL Server or cloud based data sources like Azure SQL and then want to consume data within Power BI). During these types of complex scenarios, we need to build a custom solution.

Binary Republik has an expert level team to build custom solution for ETL/Data migration process, and have built custom solutions using SSIS, Console Applications and R Scripting to meet such requirements.

Take a look of our ETL Tool Development Case Study.

Power of Business Intelligence for different Verticals


  • Measure Annual growth
  • Profit and Loss Management
  • Budget Management
  • Actual Vs Budget Analysis
  • In depth Ledger Analysis
  • YOY Comparison
  • Measure Forecast Trend


  • Manage Physicians, APCs, Doctors at your Fingertips
  • Analyze Patient Data
  • In depth analysis of Length of Stay for Patients
  • In depth analysis for dieses
  • Manage Patient’s appointment
  • Analyze Healthcare data by different Medical Programs
  • Check Net Revenue Generated


  • Manage the school network at your fingertips
  • Performance Management of Teaching Staff
  • Performance Management of Students
  • Course Management
  • Fees Management
  • Trend Analysis
  • Attendance Management

About your Industry?

Let us present you the Power BI use cases and reporting feasibility for your industry

Power BI Licensing Model: Power BI Free, Pro, Embedded, Premium and Report Server

What's best for your organization?

Power BI Free

  • Free to develop and publish interactive and eye caching reports.
  • Use only for personal use.
  • No Collaboration.

Power BI Pro

  • Per user Licensing Model.
  • Price decided by Microsoft.
  • Adding business value by collaboration capabilities.

Power BI Embedded

  • Licensing model based on Per Page Render.
  • Ability to embed Power BI report securely in any custom solution using Embedded Token.
  • Each refresh is considered as a Page render.
  • Cost is dependent on which type of Node you Purchase.

Power BI Premium

  • Capacity based licensing Model.
  • Suitable for large organization.
  • Cost is dependent on organization’s need and Capacity need.
  • Handle very large datasets.
  • More frequent data refresh (48 times in a day).

Power BI Report Server

  • Two ways to purchase licensing.
  • Purchase Power BI Premium.
  • SQL Server Enterprise Edition + SA (Software Assurance).
  • Best for the organizations who don’t wish to have their content on cloud.