Case Study

Knowledge Management Portal
Environment :
Office 365 - SharePoint Online
JSOM, SharePoint REST API, SharePoint Online

Microsoft GESO Team Builds a Knowledge Management Portal on

Office 365 – SharePoint Online

About the Client

Global Enterprise Services Operations (GESO) is an operational team of Microsoft which drives and delivers professional services for Microsoft Consulting and Premier Services businesses. GESO is responsible for directly interacting with the clients, providing them with expert solutions on Microsoft technologies.

The Challenge

GESO was looking incorporate E-Learning and employee readiness modules to intranet portal. They wanted their new, as well as tenured team members to collaborate and enhance their knowledge by learning, questioning, discussing, and taking relevant tests. SharePoint online was the preferred technology platform.



-A collaboration and knowledge sharing platform.


The team has great subject matter expertise on O365 platform which helps us to understand the pros and cons of approaches they take for building the solution.

The Solution

An organized learning platform was setup on Microsoft's Office 365 SharePoint Online Portal for GESO Team.

A custom solution was developed to fetch the learning material and manage it using REST APIs. These materials were organized and structured as per the learning modules by the administrator. Once learning materials were fetched from SharePoint Portal, they were branded on the Portal as per the modules. This branding contained SharePoint custom master page and page layouts which were designed as per the key pillars using HTML and CSS. The data fetched would then be laid down on the page created with the help of page layouts, to have same look-and-feel across the portal.

GESO team wanted their employees to be updated with latest technologies. They were provided with access to Microsoft’s learning module where they could enroll themselves in the latest courses to stay up-to-date with the technologies.

Each GESO Team member had their user specific page. The page had a visual data of their learning modules and Tests. The learning modules were assigned by the admin/experts to every employee and the test results were displayed for their own perusal.

The online exam layout featured random multiple choice questions appearing, which was done through REST APIs in SharePoint custom solution. The calculated test results were displayed and stored in the user account.

Last module developed, was that for Support, where the new GESO team members could search for solutions. This could be searching through the FAQs and the glossary available. If the employee could not find a relevant article, the questions could be posted in the Experts forum. If the employee still doesn't get a satisfactory response or the query remains unanswered, the employee could then get assistance online or through phone.

This SharePoint custom solution would help the employees get everything, from learning new technologies to staying updated on-the-go to testing themselves with their skills and knowledge easily with all the content at one place.


Links and tiles organized the way to understand the services and products of Microsoft.

GESO Team members had a visual representation for evaluating their skills, capabilities and knowledge to perform efficiently.

They were now aware of the new Releases and Programs in the organization.

The organization had a place to clarify the FAQs of GESO Team members supported by technology experts.

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