Case Study

Business Intelligence Dashboards
Blythedale Children’s Hospital
Environment :
SharePoint 2010
Kendo Controls, SSRS, Visual Studio 2012, SQL Server 2012

Blythedale builds Business Intelligence Dashboards on their Intranet Portal using Microsoft SharePoint platform and Kendo UI

About the Client

Found in 1891, Blythedale Children’s Hospital has been focusing to bring up the quality of life for children’s for the past 120 years.

Blythedale is the only independent specialty children’s hospital in New York and a pioneer in developing inpatient programs which are very innovative. Their expertise and the latest resources makes Blythedale one of the largest pediatric therapy department in New York State, providing incomparable comprehensive care for medically complex children and support for their families.

The Challenge

Blythedale wanted an intranet portal for its various departments including Medicine, Accounts, Finance, Health Information, and other administrative wings.

They were looking for Key Performance Indicators and visual representation of the data to track their progress towards organizational goals.

A system for eLearning and induction of new doctors joining the hospital.

A Document management system.



Based on our consulting team's discussion with the hospital, following were defined as key pointers to bring up a solution.

- The Inbound and Outbound patient’s records was required to manage the hospital bedding.

- The children’s had to be attended by the nurses timely as per the triage.

- Doctors and Nurses needed a medium to be trained and be up-to-date with the new
research evolutions.

- The requests made for the transportation of children had to be taken as soon as possible
and efficiently.

- Accounts, Billings and Finances needed to be handled with a clear view for the deciders to
come up and make the organization profitable.


They offer high quality software solutions and services, their agile approach to development and resources make them valuable in a market that is changing by the minute. The team is excellent and very customer focused!

The Solution

Blythedale has a setup an on-premise intranet portal with Microsoft SharePoint 2010 platform. Thus it was decided to leverage SharePoint to meet this specific requirement.

To begin with, a thorough analysis of the data in their ERP was performed, which was later integrated to SharePoint platform. The data was used by providing connectivity in Application Pages of the SQL server in back-end.

This data was used to develop various dashboards with Performance Point Services with Dashboard Designer and Kendo UI framework.

A Census dashbaord was developed to identify patients' details like the admission time, the relieving time, stay, etc. on the daily basis, helping the staff to keep a track of patient aging and hospital occupancy.

Similarly, a Post Discharge Call Follow Up dashboard was developed, where, after the patient is relieved, they call for a follow up status, to know about the patient's health conditions and other details, making it easier for them to keep a check as well as making the data easily accessible.

With Kendo UI, we developed a self-learning module (SLM) for the doctors and the nurses to keep them updated with the current researches and other enhancements in the medical science and technologies.

Blythedale had a transport facility available for the pickups and the drop-offs of the patients. So, in order to keep a track of that as well, a different dashboard was developed where the staff could access the details, and know the status of the transport services.

Also, to follow up with the nurse’s calls, a different dashboard was created for them to keep a track of calls (attended and unattended) on daily, weekly and monthly basis.

We developed the various other dashboards like Impact Dashboards, Quality Dashboards, Census dashboards, Vent Weaning Dashboard, Clinical Indicators Charts, Length of Stay Reports, Referral Dashboard, Vent census, Post Discharge Call Follow Up Dashboard, etc. to name a few using Kendo UI.

SQL Server Reporting Server (SSRS) was configured to generate various financial and accounting reports, for the finance department. Therefore, with this SharePoint custom solution, Kendo UI and SSRS, Binary Republik helped Blythedale implement various dashboards for enhanced productively for its staff and efficient management of their institution.


- Dashboards for the census of patients gave the hospital management an idea for in taking and release of
patients without any error.

- Nurses attended all the children’s in the hospital and focused in maintaining the quality of life of children.

- The Visual data gave a clear view to its doctors and staff for taking decisions.

- Accounts and finance department's dashboard had a clear status on the available cash flow along with other
accounts related information.

- Goals for achieving better results in all the departments were set with ease by the charts and graphs.

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