Case Study

HR Onboarding Process
Environment :
SharePoint 2010
JWPlayer, jQuery Map, JSPlumb Zoom plugin, Layer2, SQL Server

PEGA Redefines HR Onboarding Process for New hires, using Microsoft SharePoint Platform

About the Client

PEGA Systems is a Software Company based out of Cambridge, MA. They specialize in developing CRM and BPM solutions.

Their applications streamline critical business operations, connect enterprises to their customers seamlessly in real-time across channels, and adapt to meet rapidly changing requirements. Pega’s Global 2000 customers include many of world’s most sophisticated and successful enterprises.

The Challenge

Their Human Resource department (HRD) conducts a training procedure of 3 months for every new joining employee and schedule an orientation for them by assigning a set of learning assignments to be executed in a stipulated time.

A central repository for training material and a delivery mechanism was missing which made the entire procedure lengthy and tiresome for the managers.


The Solution

During the fact finding sessions conducted by our consulting team, we were informed that they had an intranet built on SharePoint 2010 hosted on Premise. Thus it was decided to leverage SharePoint to meet this specific requirement.

A landing page was designed for new joining employees which provided them with all the information and instructions required for their orientation which included all the training material – documents, videos, useful links and orientation schedule.

This landing page was a SharePoint custom page layout with SharePoint web parts.

The one-click SharePoint deployment solution included:

HR Process: -

- This shows a timeline process for a new employee.

- This displays the whole orientation schedule, from Day 1 to Month 3.

- Any changes made on the home page, would reflect globally.

Video Playlist: -

- Video titles and their respective URLs are added in a SharePoint custom list, as per the schedule.

- It has videos from the video library, YouTube videos & videos from Brightcove cloud environment, using JW Player tool to play the videos.

- This player comes with a playlist being displayed below the player.

- Again, this changed by the HRD, gets changed globally.

- JW Player is actually a reusable video tool i.e. - can be configured anywhere in the site.

Displays useful links

- Useful links for the employees so as to help them with all the resources at a click.

- This includes link to payroll system, their benefits, their resources for personal profile and other useful links.

- The SharePoint custom list, can be edited, so as to directly reflect changes on the home page, instead of making changes in the HTML.

- We have used a SharePoint visual web part with JS link, which would get the links from the SharePoint custom list, and display it over here, with the custom CSS applied.

Better communication for questions and answering.

- In case of any concerns/queries, the new employee had quick access to FAQs section and along with that, mailing capability to the HRD, to get an instant resolution of the concerns/queries.



- Centrally Managed, efficient System

- Saves time for the employee as well as HRD

- Ease of access for the new employees to understand the procedures

- Very helpful for the HR Department, as it puts an end to repetitive process being followed upon by them for every new hire.

- Instant resolution to the queries and concerns.

- One place for all the essential links and self-service for the employees.

- Change content from a central location and it will be, effective for all the new employees, around the globe.

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