Case Study

Career Map
Environment :
SharePoint 2010
JWPlayer, jQuery Map, JSPlumb Zoom plugin, Layer2, SQL Server

PEGA provides a Career Growth Vision to its Employees using Microsoft SharePoint Platform

About the Client

PEGA Systems is a Software Company based out of Cambridge, MA. They specialize in developing CRM and BPM solutions.

Their applications streamline critical business operations, connect enterprises to their customers seamlessly in real-time across channels, and adapt to meet rapidly changing requirements. Pega’s Global 2000 customers include many of world’s most sophisticated and successful enterprises.

The Challenge

PEGA provides opportunities to its employees for their career enhancement through a clearly laid out career map, for linear, as well as cross functional opportunities within the organization.

However, they had to manually map all the process and make changes periodically to keep the information updated. These manual process were cumbersome and time consuming for the HR managers, while provided no visual representation of career opportunities available to the employees, thus limiting its use.


During our consultation with PEGA's Boston based team we outlined the following - 

- A visually interactive application for the employees which would provide them a career
road map to opportunities available within their departments and possibly cross functional.

- Provide the Managers and HR department with an intuitive interface to manage the
application with minimum manual inputs.

- Search functionality on the SharePoint intranet portal to identify functions such as job family,
graders, cross-functional possibilities, job descriptions and eligibility criteria.


The Solution

Pega Systems has an on-premise intranet portal built on SharePoint 2010. Thus it was decided to leverage SharePoint to meet this specific requirement.

Beginning with analysis of their data architecture in SQL Server, the integration of the data was made in SharePoint platform, using Layer 2 connectivity. In order to perform levelling in the data content, the data was fetched from SQL server and inserted it to a SharePoint Custom list, which made it easier to manage.

JSPlumb, an open source toolkit, was used for GUI to represent the career map nodes and flowcharts dynamically. With this, the employee could know the whole hierarchy of their department in the organization.

SharePoint custom search was developed to search a specific keyword to find the tags like job families or grades. The employees could know the details of grade and belongings of the job family and the cross-functional jobs from the keyword searched.

So, this one-click SharePoint deployment solution helped PEGA and its employees to automate the management and the employees to understand the career map and the hierarchy of the employees.


- An interactive career map now speaks about the opportunities available for an employee within the organization, thus providing them with encouragement
about their career prospects and skill enhancements

- Employees now have a better understanding about the hierarchy of various job posts and can thus plan their career according to opportunities available
in specific departments.

- Career Map makes it easy for PEGA to give their employees knowledge of the job categories, levels and grades in the organization.

- Ease of search now helps the employees to evaluate their current and the future grades considering the job family and take important decision in their career.

- HR department can now easily promote open positions to the available talent pool within the organization.

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