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Advanced Radiology
Advanced Radiology Consultants
Environment :
Office 365 - SharePoint Online
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About the Client

Advanced Radiology Consultants LLC, started in 1905, at Bridgeport Hospital, Connecticut, by a small group of doctors, who worked together to provide centralized process for multiple radiology services. Today, after providing over 110 years of service, Advanced Radiology is one of the largest independent physician-owned imaging radiology practices, providing services like the highest quality general radiology, fluoroscopy, mammography, ultrasound, MRI, CT, nuclear medicine, DEXA and interventional radiology services at Advanced Radiology outpatient facilities, Bridgeport Hospital and St. Vincent’s Medical Center.

Advanced Radiology also provides 24/7 access to the patient’s records and appointment scheduling through its innovative patient portal.

The Challenge

Advanced Radiology wanted an intranet leveraging SharePoint capabilities for their interactive internal portal. For the entire initiative, the main challenge was to accomplish this with least customization and leverage maximum OOTB features for the best results. They also wanted to have their manual business approval processes to be automated to save time and cost.

The Solution

Advanced Radiology wanted to have their intranet portal in the cloud using Microsoft Office 365. Hence, it was decided to leverage SharePoint to meet the requirements. Beginning with development, analysis of their requirement for the intranet portal was performed and the webparts to be used were decided. Considering their requirements, we recommended using modern site and OOTB webparts as much as possible.

They wanted to start their day with an inspiring quote. For this, we utilized full-width section, to have a quote image. We used the OOTB News webparts, to view the latest news for every user. They had several event posts which they had in a document and wanted to have it in SharePoint. Moreover, they desired if we can provide them with a feature to make comments on these posts. So, we created pages for them where they could comment using the OOTB comments. These posts were then posted on the home page using OOTB Quick Links webpart, so that they appear as News Posts.

We provided them with the weather widget, where they wanted to view the temperature of their area i.e. Bridgeport, Connecticut.

For the Upcoming Events, we leveraged the OOTB Events lists. We created several events and categorized and have those categories in different event webparts specific to the category of the events.

With that, they wanted their users to have easy navigation to their expected header, and hence, we provided a custom modern script editor, and injecting JavaScript code, to accomplish this.

Also, we provided a custom webpart for the reimbursement form. Earlier, this was a manual process where the users would physically submit this form with the attachments, and then transfer it to accounting team. This form was custom developed as this process was to be digitalized. We also provided them with an additional functionality to manage the fare price, and the number of records allowed in a form.

Regarding the reimbursement process, we made sure that the user submitting the form is autopopulated based on the logged in user, and then, assigned to the supervisor based on the information in the User Profile. If the user doesn’t have a supervisor, then the tasks would be applied to the submitter automatically.

We leveraged MS Flow to perform this approval process and send notification emails to manager. On approval, the reimbursement form would be sent to accounting team. If the manager rejects it, the form would be reassigned to the submitter directly.

The users and supervisors can view the dashboard, if there are forms that they have created, or if they are the supervisor. The Accounting team have their own dashboard, where they can view their tickets which have been approved.

The intranet portal also has MS Forms embedded which has polls and surveys with their stats. We also used the Twitter webpart to view posts of their official Twitter handle.

We developed a custom RSS webpart for their home page where they could change the RSS feel link and the number of items they would want to view.

This way, Binary Republik provided them an intranet portal which was very interactive and automated the reimbursement process for Advanced Radiology.


- Their reimbursement approval process has been automated.

- They now have a collaboration platform for their internal staff.

- A well-organized document management system.

- Their intranet portal is interactive where the users can see the latest events and the photographs of the events and post their comments.

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