Case Study

Intranet Portal
Progressive Financial Services
Environment :
Office 365 - SharePoint Online
SharePoint Designer 2013, Infopath 2013, Sandbox Solution, JsLink, SharePoint Online

Progressive Financial Services streamlines its operations by leveraging Office 365 - SharePoint Online Intranet Portal to automate formerly manual processes.

About the Client

Progressive Financial Services, Inc. (PFS) is a reputable national collection agency with branch offices strategically located in Arizona, Pennsylvania, and South Dakota.

The Challenge

PFS sought to establish an intranet portal as the primary hub for collaboration among its employees.

Multiple departments within the organization relied on manual management of processes, resulting in inefficiencies and significant time consumption. The absence of a business process management system further compounded these challenges.

A central Document Management System (DMS) was missing.

Their HR onboarding process was manual, necessitating automation and streamlined workflows for enhanced efficiency.

PFS aimed to implement a complaint redressal portal to address the concerns of its employees effectively.

The Audit & Compliance department sought to establish a collaboration platform tailored for auditors, audit directors, department directors, and Audit & Compliance Managers.

In conclusion, the objective was to automate all manual processes utilizing SharePoint Online and to tailor specific solutions for each internal department's needs.

The Objectives

Enhancing collaboration among its employees through a robust platform.

Implementing a centralized Document Management System accessible to all departments

Introducing automated solutions for QA scorecards and comprehensive rating calculations.

Streamlining HR-related processes through automation, particularly in onboarding.

Establishing a dedicated complaint redressal portal for employees.

Implementing an approval process for non-conformity reports within the Audit and Compliance department.


The Solution

PFS sought to minimize investment in physical IT infrastructure and expressed a keen interest in cloud hosting for its applications. After careful consideration of its collaboration and DMS needs, SharePoint Online, hosted on Office 365, emerged as the preferred platform for developing a customized solution to address these requirements.

Forms and workflows were meticulously crafted to automate all manual processes within PFS. These bespoke solutions were tailored individually for each department to fulfill their distinct needs and requirements effectively.

A Document Management System (DMS) was deployed to facilitate efficient management of forms and official documents by PFS employees. Utilizing metadata and content types, tailored to departments and roles, the DMS featured an approval workflow for various templates. Upon approval or rejection by department directors, notification emails were promptly dispatched.

To streamline the process, QA department agents manually created scorecards to assess collector quality, commission, and overall ratings. Automating this, a scorecard form was developed in InfoPath. It calculated overall ratings based on input values, providing QA agents with real-time performance insights for collectors.

To streamline HR onboarding, various templates, including Personal Change Form (PCF), InfoPath forms, and SharePoint Designer workflows were developed. These templates covered different requests such as new employee hiring, managing employee details, voluntary resignation, termination, status, pay, department, and position changes. Employees would fill in information and submit it, triggering a workflow to notify HR and department directors for necessary action. HR could centrally track and manage all requests' statuses for enhanced efficiency.

A custom solution for the complaints redressal portal was created, incorporating an InfoPath form, document templates, and a workflow. Employees fill out the form, triggering the workflow to generate complaint documents with populated information, sending them to relevant departments and issuing notification emails. This automation streamlines manual processes while ensuring accessible records for future reference.

To automate non-conformity reporting in the Audit and Compliance Department, an InfoPath-based report was developed. Auditors fill in audit details and attach documents, triggering a workflow. Notifications are sent to the audit director, then to department directors and Audit and Compliance managers upon approval. Rejected reports are sent back to the auditor. Notifications are circulated to all stakeholders upon completion.

Accordingly, tailored solutions were developed for each department of PFS to address their unique business needs.


A collaborative platform implemented across all departments of PFS.

Process-driven automation deployed for enhanced efficiency across departments.

Establishment of a central repository for streamlined access to all organizational content.

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