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Specialty Drug Dashboard
Environment :
Application Development
Meteor, jQuery, Healthcare Startup, Big Data Analytics, MySQL, Machine Learning

Pinscriptive Inc. uses AI, Big Data Analytics and Meteora framework to help patients suffering from Hepatitis C

About the Client

Pinscriptive Inc, founded in 2014, at Greater LA, aimed at providing software analytics on specialty drugs to the healthcare providers.

These analytics help the providers to get value-based decisions and with evidence to identify the right drugs for the patient, in order to manufacture the most appropriate specialty drugs. With this, the healthcare providers

The company's platform leverages data analytics to identify the clinically effective specialty medications at an optimal cost for individual patients, enabling healthcare professionals to take appropriate specialty drug decisions by reducing cost and improving outcomes.

The Challenge

Pinscriptive had to develop a tool, which would process raw data in MySQL Server for only Hepatitis C patients and using this processed data, it would pictorially represent it. There were various parameters on which the functionality and visualization used to depend. And the processed data had to be accurate as per the data and identify in case of missing data. Moreover, the data processed had to be verified and authenticated, so that, the data represented is the most accurate one, as this tool could save a life. This tool would be used by various physicians, pharmacists and Healthcare providers with Insurance companies.


-Processing data from aggregated data from MySQL Server using various algorithms specific to Hepatitis C.

-Pictorially represent data into visualizations.

-A dashboard to display the patients’ characteristics, payer and other details.

-The dashboard should display distributions like Cost, treatment and genotype wise with charts and other visualizations.

-Providing filters to search Patients details WRT Age range, Ethnicity and other medicinal attributes.

-Physicians can view the details of the specialty drugs by different providers and use that to comparative results.

-A functionality for the physicians to view list of drugs recommended based on insurance and risk characteristics.

-For pharmacists, there should be a different comparison based on different parameters.

-A special Analytics tabs to view descriptive as well as predictive analytics.

-Verification of the treatment for patients if the data is correct or if the treatment is correct.

The Solution

Binary Republik was provided with raw data by Pinscriptive, where the data was to be processed using algorithms, which would be adaptive in nature and identify the patients of Hepatitis C. This also included the cleanup of irrelevant data from the aggregated data.

This system was specifically to be used by Physicians, Healthcare providers, Insurance Companies and Pharmacists.

Using various adaptive algorithms and Big data analytics techniques, we processed the data and presented it to the specialized doctors to authenticate the data. This data had to be further bifurcated as per the users using this system.

We had to provide an architecture and a platform, which was would be useful for various set of users, considering the data processed. This processed data was represented using custom visualization using Python and various other technologies.

The data analysis is done by a set of algorithms, which find the correlation among the clinical data. Then, with this data, various charts are prepared to visualize the clinical data. Then, with predictive analytics, the data is again lined to analyze the outcome, i.e.- right drug to the patient keeping in mind the ideal scenario. In addition to this, based on the data received, some predictive models are developed to find the outcomes of the unknown patients.

Hence, this tool is useful for specialty biopharmaceutical manufacturers by delivering a model which makes their products “from volume to value” by supporting risk-based contracts with precision analytics, thus, increasing sales, innovate specialty drugs, manage the healthcare budgets, along with providing the insights of the current market and other scenarios.


This product will help in delivering specialty drug use and cost insights leveraging Big Data analytics, a set of proprietary algorithms, and integration of the real-world data from EMRs.

Using machine-learning and population analytics, and existing knowledge and experience, this tool helps in managing their specialty drug trend and, thus, help in providing a disruptive pricing model.

Helps Insurance companies, patients, and their physicians to find cost-effective specialty drug solutions by finding the exact right drug, for the right patient, and at the right price.

Most accurate data about Hepatitis C patients

Helps payers, at-risk health systems and accountable care organizations to optimize specialty drug decisions made by foolproof decision, considering the quality and cost insights.

The clients can view the visualization and get an idea about the market

The physicians can identify if the data is missing or treatment is wrong

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