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Microsoft PVA (Power Virtual Agents) automates your Chatbots with AI features and provides your clients, employees, and various stake holders with personalized Chat Support.

It is easy to deploy across various products such as – Teams, Skype, Slack, Telegram, and other chat platforms with minimum custom code. And! It improves with each conversation, making the next one even better. Reach out to our team to explore this further.

  • PVA ChatBot development
  • PVA ChatBot development
  • Integrate PVA with Azure QnA Maker
  • PVA with Bot Framework

Power Virtual Agents Chatbot Development

PVA Chat Bot

Power Virtual Agents Chatbot Development

Power Virtual Agents facilities us to build a low code AI-based chatbots that responds based on the natural language without having any human interaction.

Your customers need a service that runs 24 * 7 and we can build chatbots with the help of PVA.

Binary Republik has experience working with clients across verticals like Finance, Healthcare, Education, Sales, and Services and built powerful and low code chatbots based on the industry requirements.

Our team has expertise handling complex business scenarios.

We follow Microsoft's best practices and make sure we are updated with the latest release of this constantly evolving product, thus utilizing the latest features and making the best of available tools.

Integrate PVA with Azure QnA Maker


Integrate PVA with Azure QnA Maker

Azure QnA Maker facilities us to train and publish the Knowledgebase and respond based on any natural language question we fit the QnA Maker KB.

This enhances the PVA capability of creating FAQs or QnA Chatbots.

Our Power Platform experts first analyze the requirement for FAQs chatbot and train the Knowledgebase using Azure Services and connect QnA Service with PVA chatbots to get expected output for end customers.

PVA with Bot Framework

office 365

PVA with Bot Framework

Bot Framework is an open-source tool for the developer where we can customize the graphical interface for end-users using desktop and web-based bot framework composer

Composer integrates language understanding services such as LUIS and QnA Maker and allows sophisticated composition of bot replies using Language Generation.

Our Power Platform experts at Binary Republik, have the expertise to build different components based on your custom requirements.

Why Power Virtual Agents Chatbot ?

Low Code and Easy to create

  • Easy to create AI-based chatbots using Low code.
  • Less Development Effort
  • Supports Natural Language

Available 24 x 7

  • Zero downtime during maintenance
  • Cloud-based and Secure
  • Available 24 x 7 at your Service

Easily configured on other Products

  • Easily deployed on other Microsoft and non-Microsoft Products like – Skype, Microsoft Teams, Facebook, Slack, Telegram, Twilio, Kik, Line, GroupMe, Email, Direct Line Speech, Direct Website, etc.

Fully Customizable

  • Available hundreds of prebuilt connectors to provide the power of chatbot.
  • Easily integrate with Azure QnA Maker, LUIS, and other cognitive Services.
  • More customization available with the integration of Power Automate

Powerful Alone, Better Together

  • Easily integrate with other Power Platform pieces like Power BI, Power Automate, Power Virtual Agents, and Power Apps.

Real-Life Use Cases by Verticals

Sales & Support

  • AI Chatbots for Order Tracking
  • Without any human interactions check the status of the order
  • 24 x 7 Support

Product & Service

  • AI Chatbots covering the FAQs for all Products.
  • Respond to any natural language questions.


  • QnA Chatbots for a different subject.
  • Students can ask the questions and get the answers!


  • Automated chatbot which helps to check the availability for doctors.
  • Easy to book Appointment

Workflow Management

  • Build HR QnA Chatbot which answers different questions related to HR Policies.
  • Build IT Support Ticket System which generates an automated ticket for different Hardware and Software related issues!

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